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From the authors of the award-winning Move The Turtle App. Correct Result App lets children train their math skills in fun and engaging way. Difficulty level is adjusted to the child's progress. Powerful hints are always at your fingertips.

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About Our App

Why our App?

Mastering arithmetic skills requires many repetitions which may become boring for kids. The main idea of the Correct Result App is to make this process more fun and more engaging. We offer a whole set of challenges - completing Achievements and Daily Missons, collecting Medals, gaining higher levels for each operation. The child is never left alone - every task comes with hints if required. Difficulty level is adjusted to the child's progress - if the current task is too hard it will be repeated after few easier tasks. There are also Special Missions - if some specific training is required.

  • Fun and engagement.
  • Special Missions.
  • Automatic level adjustment.
  • Complete Achievements.
about our app

App Features

Solve equations

Choose a math operation and master your skills.

Track the progress

Statistics and Achievements shows current progress.

Multiple users

Create accounts for multiple users so they can track their own progress.

Powerful Hints

Friendly hints for simple equations, complex hints for more difficult tasks.

Special Missions

Practice operations for selected number, range of results, go for time challange or mysterious random mode.

Theme & Music

Select Theme and Music according to the mood. Dark Mode is also available.


"Correct Result!" app is a perfect choice for a school with iPads, for homeschooling and for individual use.

Teacher's hints

Download the PDF and learn more how to work with our app

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Single Payment

No subscriptions, no in-app purchase and of course - no ads.

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